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Isle Gallery
The Studio Site of Edward Currie
I am a writer, artist, poet, sculptor and photographer living in Kent, UK. I work using all media including AI. My method is to create/paint an image, then reproduce the image digitally and have it printed to canvas. I then enhance the canvas prints with my own touches of paint (usually acrylic but sometimes gouache) so that artwork, although having the same image as it's base, is unique. I then offer the enhanced images for sale in limited editions of 50. For sculpture I use an eclectic mix of local found materials and more exotic pieces such as gemstones. The writing I mainly concentrate on is short stories, children's stories and history. My poetry, whilst not good, ranges over the whole gamut of human emotions as poetry should. Limericks and sonnets are favourite forms. My photography, digital and film, dovetails with all of the other art genres and I very much see it as a form of immediate expression. I also make movie shorts using both digital and film (8mm and 16mm). Musically I put together compilations of tunes with other sounds including those from the natural world. Busy life really!

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